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Accident F-16: A ball nearly bring disaster

A faulty bearing seems to have been the cause detachment of the wheel in the F-16D fighter of 335 Squadron to 115 AM Araxos in today's accident. This report defencenet.gr information from the database.
The fracture caused a breaking ball screws "tie" the wheel axis.
During the landing the F-16D Adv. 116PM was not in use the hook strips or parachute brake development of the same aircraft.

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Thriller Araxos the nose wheel detached from shock-seater fighter F-16D Adv. The aircraft in the 11.06 when tried to take off the wheel ... detached (!) and completely left the place. The pilots immediately realized the problem and began to land after alerted the control tower for an emergency.
Began landing at the base and all kept the anapnoi because they are more aerodynamic than hard to land the aircraft without Nose wheel.
Eventually the pilot managed to make aerodynamic braking and land with both wheels so that the landing tachyita ellatothike so that the Nose leg stand without the wheel weight of the aircraft and to stabilize the edge of the runway of the 335M.
The accident is more rare and added to another odd incident that happened two weeks ago with the AH-64D Apache Megara. Deconstruction - in essence - a fighter of the wheel is practically impossible to happen once there are multiple fuses that fit the wheel-side landing. Of course if he left the wheel of one of the two parts of the body, then there would be a permanent loss of the aircraft and would not even epicheireito landing, but abandonment.
But in this case, again the odds were against the pilots, who must be congratulated for the excellent management of a very difficult situation.
The two pilots are in good health and not the aircraft is damaged damaged than the landing leg, which will certainly replace at least a point in contact with the floor landing after receiving a huge load and it is surprising that he collapsed.
The F-16 Adv. the batch of 30 fighters purchased in 2005 and considered the most accomplished fighters of the Air Force after having built up the ... ASPIS II!

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