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Plans to modernize the Air Force of Myanmar

Myanmar Air Force are currently engaged in concurrent purchase of Russian MiG-29 and Chinese K-8 Karakorum. However, the Myanmar Air Force fleet is so outdated that these supplies do not meet the full needs of the Air Force of Myanmar. In this regard in the future may be additional purchases of fighter jets.
To date, the Air Force of Myanmar has 58 fighters, including 48 F-7M (MiG-21F), set by China from 1991 to 2002. As well as 10 MiG-29C, supplied by Russia in 2002-2003.
In 1997-1998. China has put Myanmar 22 fighter-bomber A-5C.
Most "new" acquisitions in the segment of CNF / UBS (only about 70-80 cars) are 12 K-8 Karakorum (China, 1999), 10 FT-7 (China, 1990-1998.) And 2 MiG- 29UB (Russia, 2002-2003)..
The summer of 2010 began the practical implementation of the contract to supply the Air Force of Myanmar 50 UBS K-8 Karakorum, which can be equipped with 23-mm cannon, bombs, guided and unguided missiles. Decision to purchase 50 aircraft (according to other 60 units.) Adopted in November 2009.
At the end of December 2009, Myanmar signed a contract with Russia worth 553 million dollars (according to other 570 million dollars) for delivery of 20 MiG-29 fighters (10 MiG-29B, 6 MiG-29SE, 4 combat-capable MiG-29UB).
It should be noted that the Air Force of Myanmar in the past few years have implemented a program to modernize the infrastructure of airports. To date, Myanmar Air Force has at its disposal 10 bases.
Myanmar Air Force in March will receive the first batch of 20 ordered by MiG-29 fighters under contract with the RAC "MiG" worth about 400 million euros (553 million dollars), reports Flight International.
According to the contract signed in late 2009, Myanmar will be delivered 10 MiG-29B and 6 MiG-29SE and 4 combat-capable MiG-29UB.
It is reported that to perform the contract will be used to MiG-29B/SE gliders, remaining at the production site in Lukhovitsy the era of perestroika. The aircraft will be delivered in the original export configuration with radar N-019 company Fazotron.
Originally Myanmar planned to buy used ones MiG-29 in Belarus, but Rosoboronexport offered the best conditions for support, including supply of arms, spare parts and training, including the installation of the simulator on one of the bases.
Previously reported that the MiG-29 will be delivered unassembled sea and air transport to Myanmar. Final assembly must be made in Meyhtile.

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