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Accident F-16: A ball nearly bring disaster

A faulty bearing seems to have been the cause detachment of the wheel in the F-16D fighter of 335 Squadron to 115 AM Araxos in today's accident. This report defencenet.gr information from the database.
The fracture caused a breaking ball screws "tie" the wheel axis.
During the landing the F-16D Adv. 116PM was not in use the hook strips or parachute brake development of the same aircraft.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
Thriller Araxos the nose wheel detached from shock-seater fighter F-16D Adv. The aircraft in the 11.06 when tried to take off the wheel ... detached (!) and completely left the place. The pilots immediately realized the problem and began to land after alerted the control tower for an emergency.
Began landing at the base and all kept the anapnoi because they are more aerodynamic than hard to land the aircraft without Nose wheel.
Eventually the pilot managed to make aerodynamic braking and land with both wheels so that the landing tachyita ellatothike so that the Nose leg stand without the wheel weight of the aircraft and to stabilize the edge of the runway of the 335M.
The accident is more rare and added to another odd incident that happened two weeks ago with the AH-64D Apache Megara. Deconstruction - in essence - a fighter of the wheel is practically impossible to happen once there are multiple fuses that fit the wheel-side landing. Of course if he left the wheel of one of the two parts of the body, then there would be a permanent loss of the aircraft and would not even epicheireito landing, but abandonment.
But in this case, again the odds were against the pilots, who must be congratulated for the excellent management of a very difficult situation.
The two pilots are in good health and not the aircraft is damaged damaged than the landing leg, which will certainly replace at least a point in contact with the floor landing after receiving a huge load and it is surprising that he collapsed.
The F-16 Adv. the batch of 30 fighters purchased in 2005 and considered the most accomplished fighters of the Air Force after having built up the ... ASPIS II!

DAnish warship rescued 16 Iranian citizens

Danish warship rescued 16 Iranians taken captive by Somali pirates, reported AFP and ITAR-TASS, citing the Danish Navy.
Danish military sailors entered in a shootout with pirates on Thursday, killing four and injuring 10 of them. They managed to establish control over the pirate ship, where he opened 16 and 24 captured Iranians live pirates.
Iranians are well and will soon be able to get home. Captured pirates remain aboard the Danish vessel, as is still exploring ways to be sued.

In Afghanistan the US forces are fighting as the Soviet

Americans' soft gloves off "in battle with Taliban In recent months, sharply increased the intensity of the actions of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, where they are not limited to the protection of civilians by Islamists held a real advance, superior-scale operation in 2001 when he was ousted Taliban regime are stated in Nezavisimaya Gazeta. More than three times jumped the activity of special operations forces search and destroy rebels Exceptional performance show night raids of commandos whose intensity cause discontent, even the Afghan president. Only a month aviation NATO has spent more than a thousand bombs and missiles - an absolute record for the entire war so far. This is partly the result of the policy of the new commander General David Petraeus, taking of a number of restrictions on use of aviation and artillery. He says himself that "soft gloves are removed and this has given a huge effect. For the first time in nine years, the U.S. sent tanks in Afghanistan, "Abrams' battle with weight 68 tons, armed with 120 mm gun. They can demolish a building than a mile away. tanks will help the Marines, resulting battle with the Taliban in Helmand province. Some time ago the main means of fire destruction of the Americans were artillery and aviation. However, tanks can operate in battle formation of infantry, faster firing points to destroy the enemy and have greater accuracy in shooting. They are also immune to improvised munitions using Taliban. Positive experience in using tanks have Canadian and Danish troops. Until recently, Americans do not use tanks, do not cause in the local association with the Soviet Army, which fought with tanks against the mujahideen. Now "Abrams" is the last trump card in battle with the Taliban to the Americans, noted in comments to the Nezavisimaya Gazeta. Currently, Afghanistan has 150,000 foreign troops, and 100,000 of them Americans.

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Gaddafi has been sentenced to death. The sentence is final and non-negotiable

Gaddafi has been sentenced to death. The sentence is final and non-negotiable. Not so important as it will be done technically. Blow "tomahawk" or intelligence operations, the bullet hit man or a heart attack. Not have to believe through false statements Westerners - we supposedly do not want to kill Gaddafi. Well, yes, of course. And accidentally erased the missile and bomb strikes residence Gaddafi in Tripoli. "As a communications center."
Plan to kill the last romantic region, a man extremely eccentric and patriot of his country and people. In 1969, a young 27-year-old captain, Muammar al-Gaddafi with a group of junior officers, a military coup and overthrew the pro-American regime of King Idris'. What to do next Gaddafi and his colleagues simply did not know. And they went for help and advice to Egypt, to the president, Hero of the Soviet Union (!) GA Nasr.
Returned winged hope for a better future, they were followed by the Egyptian advisers, who helped organize the polity and to establish the economic life of Libya. And then there was the younger Qaddafi, which has already become a colonel, a dream - to build in the Libyan People's Welfare State on the principles of socialism. All subsequent life and work of the colonel was devoted to the implementation of this dream.
Simple enumeration of social benefits and real democracy socialist Libya will take a few pages. Let us name some - free health care, education, including training abroad, the real redistribution of income of the state in favor of the poor. Until the interest-free credit (for all) to buy housing or cars, the state immediately offset 50 percent of the cost. Gasoline at 5 rubles per liter!
Qaddafi himself - far from unique people. He started with the support of radical Islamic groups and extremists, and later banned them in the country and even executed the most zealous activists. He started with a call to destroy Israel, and later introduced the idea of ​​creating a single (!) Israeli-Palestinian state. "Implementation Plan" two states for two peoples "would lead to such a level of threat to Israeli security, which will not be able to agree." Do not think that these are words from the speech of deputy Knesset of Israel. " This is a - quote from the article Qaddafi, published in The New York Times in January 2009.
It is absurd to suspect the Israelis in a special love for the regime of Gaddafi. Quote two statements about the so-called insurgents and fighters for democracy in Libya. "Benghazi and Dern are characterized by the dominant ideology of militant Islam, are the base of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which in 2007 formally merged with al Qaeda. Tribal support LIFG is Kharaba. The head of the transitional government of the tribe Kharaba. "" Benghazi and the surrounding region are a major ideological and political bases of the terrorist network Al Qaeda, the main region, supplying suicide bombers and jihadists ... Who supports the West? Mad! "
For western democracy advocates cite another quotation. "The Conscience Sarkozy kemeruna, Obama bunch of civilian lives of Libyans. So what? If they are the Libyans, and not citizens of France or England, their lives are worth nothing? "In fact, a pretext for aggression against Libya is more like a fig leaf for the causal site. Surprising unprecedented unanimity of NATO countries, except Turkey, and partly in Germany. All as one opposed Qadhafi and rushed to defend democracy in Libya. Missiles da bomb.
What is the true cause of aggression and so amicable action of U.S. and NATO? I want to offer their vision of the events. To begin with, that aggression was not spontaneous and unprepared. American officials sparingly and reluctantly, has already admitted that before the attack on Libya in its eastern regions (Benghazi) worked some reconnaissance. There is information about the early transfer of small arms manufactured in Italy, ammunition and equipment for the "rebels". Hence, the aggression prepared before use by Colonel Gaddafi troops against the rebels.
Now the main thing. The latest international initiative Qaddafi was a proposal to African states to create a single union to protect their national interests and natural resources. Qadhafi proposed to introduce a new currency - the gold dinar and renounce the use of the dollar and euro. Assault on the American press and sinking Evrika he just could not - that's the main reason for aggression and unprecedented unanimity.
It is no secret that thanks to the tireless work of the printing press became a paper dollar, which in no way guaranteed. U.S. national debt is no longer measured in billions and trillions of dollars. NATO countries (except not in favor of Turkey) - are the same members of the European Community with their patients euros. The emergence of new, even if the regional currency for them is equivalent to a catastrophe. So we decided to crush the initiative in the bud. Quite simply, Occam's Razor.
What will happen with Libya? It is terrible to say - absolute dismemberment of the country and destroy its leader - Gaddafi (barring a miracle). What will happen with the U.S. and its allies? Sadly, more than likely - the growth of extremist and terrorist speeches. And not just from the Libyans. The most unexpected for them to prove that the so-called Rebels in fact - conventional separatists. And go to the assault were not going to Tripoli, and are not collected. The main thing for them - to put on the control of oil wealth. And then they have perederutsya among themselves.
The success of the separatists in Libya will inspire others. Take a triangle Kurdish Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Start everything from Iraq after the withdrawal of occupying troops. Then the fire will spread further. Do not forget that Mosul and Kerkuk - these are areas of the richest oil deposits. U.S. support of Iranian Kurds, if they will act against Iran and would require "democratic reforms"? And how. Iran - the next country on the agenda demokratizatorov.
Finally - a question to the coordinators. Do you not see what all goes? In a flame of fire coming to suffer all ...

петък, 8 април 2011 г.

New Zealand air force received the first two helicopters AW-109

The Air forces of New Zealand received the first two helicopters AW-109 company Agusta / Westland, "reported the Sunday Star Times. Helicopters delivered to Ohakea Air Base in disassembled form.
These machines have become the first delivery of new aircraft for Air New Zealand for the past four decades.
MO New Zealand signed with Agusta / Westland "contract for the purchase of five helicopters AW-109 LUH in May 2008.
The agreement also provides for the delivery aviatrenazhera, spare parts, avionics, instruments, and the provision of services. The total contract value of more than 139 million NZ dollars (109 million U.S. dollars).
Work on the assembly of the first helicopter had already started and is expected in the near future it will rise into the air. The second machine will be used as spares. Delivery of the remaining four helicopters will be completed by September. It is planned that all AW-109 will be accepted for service New Zealand Air Force until the end of 2011.
Procured helicopters intended to replace time-expired service light helicopters Bell-47G-3B »« Siu, who operated since 1965.
New helicopters are designed for a wide range of applications. In particular, it is an organization of flight training pilots, transporting personnel, support in conducting anti-terrorism and police operations, participating in search and rescue and patrol operations.
In December 2010 the New Zealand Government announced its intention to purchase three additional vehicles AW-109. Helicopters can be delivered within five years from the date of signing the contract.

Belgium holds the replacement tank Leopard on a wheeled counterparts.

Около 800 миллионов евро выделено на замену танков Leopard и гусеничных бронетранспортеров (M-113 и другие) альтернативной колесной машиной в 7 различных вариантах. Поставка планируется тремя партиями – 138, 81 и 23 машины.
В 2006-м году бельгийское правительство объявило о решении закупить 242 Piranha IIIC за 604 миллиона долларов (500 миллионов евро) вместе с соответствующей материально-технической поддержкой.
Этот заказ явился крупнейшей разовой закупкой для страны НАТО в истории швейцарской компании MOWAG производящей бронетранспортёры указанного вида.
Поставки первых БТР начались в 2007 году и по планам продолжатся до 2015.
На базовом шасси устанавливаются:
-Двухместная башня LCTS от фирмы CMI Defense, с 90 мм пушкой. Данная модификация заменит танки "Leopard 1A5" с 105 мм пушкой, которые будут выведены из эксплуатации к концу 2011 году.
- OWS с 30 мм пушкой израильской фирмы "ELBIT"

- "ARROWS" фирмы FN Herstal с 12,7 мм пулемётом .

Все машины оборудованы электронно-оптической системой бельгийской фирмы OIP, оборудованием связи фимы THALES, системой обнаружения снайперов и лазерного облучения фирмы OIP, плугом от противопехотных мин и бульдозерным оборудованием. Основной упор фирмой MOWAG сделан на совместимость с другими машинами, находящимися на вооружении Бельгийской армии, а также армий других стран НАТО.
Всего бельгийская армия примет семь модификаций PIRANHA IIIC, оснащенных стандартной системой подвески и дизельным двигателем Caterpillar C9, соединенного с семискоростной трансмиссией.
Семь модификаций включают в себя БТР, БМП, санитарную машину, командный пункт, инженерную машину, БРЭМ.

Russia handed over Peru attack helicopters Mi-35P

Russia has put Peru ordered two multi-purpose attack helicopter Mi-35P, reports Defensa. The machines were delivered to Transport-124-100 "Ruslan" on the airbase Peru Armando Revoredo Iglesias. Assembly of the helicopter, with the participation of specialists of Rosoboronexport and the Air Force of Peru has already begun. As expected in the next few days, Mi-35P begin acceptance tests, after which will be taken on Air Force of Peru.
Agreement for the supply of Peru eight helicopters - two Mi-35 helicopters and six transport Mi-171SH - was signed July 23, 2010.
According Defensa, the deal amounted to 107.9 million dollars. The first Mi-171SH will be delivered to the customer in May this year. The Peruvian military intend to use Russian helicopters to fight drug trafficking, as well as for attacks on the bases of the rebel group Sendero Luminoso in the valley of the rivers Apurimac and Ene.
Currently, Peru is implemented fleet modernization program, purchased from the USSR. In 2005 he was awarded a contract with Rosoboronexport to upgrade 13 Mi-17 helicopters. The deal amounted to 13 million dollars. In 2007 the modernization of 70 helicopters, 21 fighter aircraft, 50 bombers and attack aircraft of Soviet production. Modernization Program of the fleet should be completed in late 2011.

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Swedish fighter jets in Libya

On Sunday, the second group of five Gripen fighter aircraft has landed at Sigonella air base in Sicily, where they expect to fly transport planes and 4 Hercules. With two officers from the Swedish Air Force will be posted in three centers to manage operations in Libya - Naples, Venice and Izmir.
At the time the command of the Swedish Armed Forces which analyzes operational procedures of NATO will be used by Air Force pilots in the country. After the Swedish pilot study these rules, they will participate in the continuing work of their colleagues from NATO over Libya.
Nine of the ten fliers of Gripen, which are involved in the operation have chosen their names to remain anonymous. According to the commander of Air Force Base in F17 Kallinge these pilots are wanted in this way they and their families are not the subject of media interest.

At the time the command of the Swedish Armed Forces which analyzes operational procedures of NATO will be used by Air Force pilots in the country. After the Swedish pilot study these rules, they will participate in the continuing work of their colleagues from NATO over Libya.
Nine of the ten fliers of Gripen, which are involved in the operation have chosen their names to remain anonymous. According to the commander of Air Force Base in F17 Kallinge these pilots are wanted in this way they and their families are not the subject of media interest.

Libya situation

At a briefing to NATO by April 5 for the first time gives some details of the operation, "United defender" (Unified Protector). It is clear what problems NATO meeting in hitting targets on earth once assumed command and control operation. Of course the reduced number of attacks and prudence are not due to withdrawal from the operation of U.S. aircraft impact or at least not entirely. Aviation of France, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Belgium and Norway carry out strikes on ground targets and, where appropriate, other countries could contribute to it. The main problem the alliance is that its aircraft operate in a typical situation in the scenario of interaction with the land forces (TIC - Troops In Contact), but in this case in Libya does not own land parts, and no effective direct contact with the rebels. Nanesesh to attack from the air with no one to tell you what exactly needs to be struck and what not - is extremely difficult and dangerous. The most important moments of the conference: 1. Enforcing and monitoring compliance with the embargo on imports of arms to Libya as part of Operation "United defender, started on March 23, 2011 and includes 18 vessels from 9 countries, and maritime patrol aircraft. At yesterday's date were checked a total of 76 vessel, until now no violations were found. 2. Operation imposing no-fly zone is in operation and no case of flight to and from Libya without permission. From mid-March made no flights from the Libyan Air Force. 3. For the protection of civilians and cities, this day (day 18 of the conflict in Libya) were carried out 14 attacks by NATO aircraft on ground targets - air defense systems, ammunition depots, tanks and armored vehicles in the area of ​​Misrata. In the vicinity of coast is destroyed system of fire bursts. 4. Continue humanitarian operations. Of the questions during the briefing questions it becomes clear that NATO manages only those aircraft and ships that are formally submitted. Actions of others who are under national command (U.S. UAV and landing ships, the French aviation-Marine Group / aircraft, ships, submarines and 16 aircraft / etc.) Coordinate with NATO. But every attack on ground target is under the command and control of NATO. After the change of command operational tempo does not decrease: after taking his NATO committed samoletoizlitaniya 851 and 334 fields have been completed action on ground targets. NATO as an organization has contact with the Transitional National Council of Libya, even after France, Qatar and Italy have recognized him. Gaddafi's troops changed tactics - using light weapons on the front line, and is heavy on "second tier" or in populated areas. So NATO, even without the strike, preventing its use against civilians. According to the assessment of NATO's 30% of the capabilities of forces are eliminated from Gaddafi damage so far hit. NATO provides the arms embargo on air and sea but on land it depends mainly on countries bordering Libya. Priority NATO currently is a city Misra. There Gaddafi forces used "human shields" and its tanks are scattered in urban areas. The Americans withdrew their shock planes, but Britain has decided to devote four of six Typhoon fighter jets to be used for strikes against ground targets.

неделя, 20 март 2011 г.

Gaddafi's forces entered the Misrata

On the second day since the international military operation against Muammar Gaddafi, forces of the regime became located about 150 km east of Tripoli port Misrata, said the Italian agency AGI. Witnesses quoted by the agency say they have seen government troops and armored vehicles in the city center, where snipers shoot at citizens of Misrata. Simultaneously, Gaddafi's ships have blocked the port. Earlier in the day Al Jazeera forward the words of one of the fighters of the rebels in the city as saying that several shells fell on residential areas. Sadula el Mesrati added that shops were destroyed and power substations. Armored vehicles launched from bullets and artillery fire have destroyed public infrastructure, shops and administrative buildings. Earlier in the day the agency announced arrested by the forces of the regime Italian freighter in Tripoli. On board the "Ace 22" has eight Italians, two Indians and one Ukrainian, announced by the operator of the ship - Naples company Augusta Offshore. The Italian government said it would take "all actions" to release the vessel.

вторник, 15 март 2011 г.

In Libya, the army approached the strategically important city for insurgents Ajdabiya

Subsection Libyan army approached close to the strategically important city of Ajdabiya, which stands at the crossroads leading to the stronghold of the opposition - of Benghazi and the port of Tobruk, which is located near the border with Egypt, RIA Novosti. For information about moving troops Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi reiterated several sources among the rebels. "Ajdabiya - the key to the entire eastern part of the country, sending troops to Tobruk, the regime (M. Gaddafi) will ring k Benghazi and all the east of it free of El-Marj, Al-Beida, turf" - the spokesman of the opposition Salem BENHARISI. The rebels on Monday actively preparing to meet the enemy. In the western gate of the rebels pidvozyly weapons, including mobile installation GRAD, T-55, equipped with antiaircraft machine guns off. Pick Japanese and Chinese origin with machine guns mounted on them a business card war Libyan rebels and the army Mr Qaddafi, they use both sides. Machine guns are in many courts in the city. Around them - the consolidation of sand and stones. Airplanes Air Force in Libya over Ajdabiya throwing leaflets, announced the "fair recompense traitor and mercenary are attached to respect the peace and order. On Monday, rebel commanders have denied to journalists recording their position, arguing that the Libyan army uses data, broadcast TV channels, for a task point attacks on their strongholds. Because of fears that the next day or two Ajdabiya go under the control of Libyan army, Benghazi left much of the foreign journalists. After opening the borders of the rebels about three weeks ago on Libyan territory illegally, without issuing visas through Libyan border crossing at Al-`Sallyum traveled nearly a thousand journalists from around the world.

събота, 12 март 2011 г.

In Colombia crashed two UH-1

In Colombia, two military helicopters collided. Killed at least five people. The event occurred near the city department of Tolima Melhar where lies one of the Colombian military schools military aviation. Two UH-1H helicopters performing training flight when the collision happened. As a result, four privates were killed and one Colombian army lieutenant armed forces of Mexico, who also participated in the exercises. Another three soldiers and one of Colombia's armed forces ordinary Mexican wounded.

A400M becomes serial

The European consortium Airbus Aircraft Manufacturing began mass production of military transport aircraft. As expected, the first four serial aircraft will be transferred to customers in 2012 to 2015 monthly volume serial production A400M will increase to 2.5 units.

For its border Russia will buy armored vehicles from France

French company "Panaro" is at an advanced stage of negotiations with Russia to supply 500 light armored vehicles and expects to sign a contract within the next few months. This, as the "Dzheyns DEFENCE uyikli," said company president Christian Mons. According to K. Mons, negotiations with Moscow related sales 3.1-ton light armored combat vehicles VBL with wheel formula 4x4. When signing the agreement, costs could reach about 200 million euros (260 million dollars). Russian armored vehicles side tested for several months and plans to ensure their units FSB Border Service of Russia. It should be noted that the potential contract of "Panaro" with Russia be considered by the organization that control the export of defense products. Specifically, in 2010 an inter-ministerial committee to monitor the export of military products CIEEMG vetoed French supply equipment to Pakistan. However, in the context of bilateral Russian-French military cooperation problems getting permission is not expected. Russia also expects to begin production of French technology in the license agreement on its territory.

четвъртък, 10 март 2011 г.

U.S. Navy stopped test the electromagnetic catapult

U.S. Navy stopped test the electromagnetic catapult EMALS, intended for prospective aircraft grade Gerald Ford, soobshtava Defense News. The reason for this decision are the malfunctions that occurred during the first test 'launch' of the F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter aircraft of 18 December 2010 is expected to start testing again until the end of March this year The main problem is consistency in the operation of linear induction motors and current company General Atomics, which develops catapult EMALS, adjust the software of the complex to troubleshoot. This is yet another delay may affect the timing of construction of the aircraft carrier Gerald Ford, who has already finished 20%.

понеделник, 7 март 2011 г.

Increased military budget China - Again

In 2011 China will increase its defense budget by 12.7% compared with 2010, reports Associated Press. So in 2011 the development of its armed forces, China will spend 91.5 billion dollars, while in 2010 were 81milarda dollars, up 7.5 percent over 2009. The military budget represents 6% of the entire state budget and as a member of the CCP Central Committee Li Chzhaosin growth of defense spending does not threaten any country. But according to several experts, China's military spending to maintain armed forces, the purchase of weapons and equipment, and to develop new weapons models may be twice higher than officially announced. This causes particular concern in many countries such as Japan, India, Taiwan and USA. In early 2011 the Minister of Defense announced the renewal of the program to create a new generation strategic bomber, citing the need to project a rapid military-technological development of China. The Minister also announced the development of new radar and Reb and adoption of weapons on deck fighter F-35C Lightning II. Fearing a military preparations in China, Taiwan more insistently began to push for renewed talks with the U.S. to supply fighter jets F-16C / D Block 52 Fighting Falcon. India, which has territorial disputes with China also increased its military budget. Of particular concern causes early trials of promising Chinese 'stealth' fifth-generation fighter J-20, and also entry of weapons of anti-ballistic missile DF-21D.

неделя, 6 март 2011 г.

DCNS conducts mooring tests frigate FREMM Aquitaine

The company DCNS announced the release of the final stage of the integration of equipment and acceptance testing of mooring head multipurpose frigate "Aquitaine" project FREMM, intended for the French Navy.
All major naval ship systems should be tested before sea trials, scheduled for spring of this year. Currently, 95% of electrical and hydraulic equipment has been installed, which allows testing of major systems: information and communications, navigation (navigation radar, the radar range detection), power systems, propulsion systems, command and control.
The first tests of electric motors and gas turbines have been successfully completed. In the near future, complete installation of security gates and a helicopter hangar shlyupbalok.
Formal contract for the construction of the French Navy for the first batch of eight ships FREMM Directorate-General for Armament (DGA) of France signed an agreement with MO DCNS in November 2005. New ships are intended to replace consisting in service class frigates "George Leahy", "Tourville", "d'Estaing d'Orve. In September 2009, the European Organisation for the purchase of arms (OCCAR) on behalf of the DGA signed a contract with DCNS to build three additional class frigates "Aquitaine".
Ceremony for the head of the frigate Aquitaine »(D630) was held at the shipyard in Lorient in December 2007. The ship was launched on April 29, 2010. It is planned that the frigate will be transferred to the French Navy in August 2012. All the 11 ships planned to put the customer in 2022.
According to the developers, FREMM frigate will be a vessel of length 142.2 m, 20 m wide, full displacement of about 6,040 m. The ship can reach a maximum speed of 27 knots and make transitions to a range of up to 6000 nautical miles at a speed of 15 knots.
The frigate is equipped with a multifunction radar Gerakles "Thales". The kit will include weapons FREMM developed by MBDA PKR MM40 «Block-3" Exocet "missiles" Aster 15 and Aster 30 "CD" Scalp Naval »(SCALP - Systeme de Croisiere Autonome a Longue Portee), known in France under the designation MdCN (Missiles de Croisiere Naval), as well as torpedoes, MU-90 "Impact". Due to the high level of automation of the ship's crew (including air group) is only 108 people. In addition, the board can accommodate 145 Marines.

Germany had supplied Libya with arms for 83 million euros for the period 2005-2009

Germany between 2005 to 2009 supplied arms to Libya, totaling 83.5 million euros. Only in 2009 the volume of deliveries totaled 53.2 million euros. Libya were put off, helicopters, communications and equipment for their jamming and radar. It is reported by Deutsche Welle referring to the newspaper Saarbrücker Zeitung, which received official government response to the request leftist faction in the Bundestag. According to the newspaper, in 2009, arms deliveries from Germany to the Middle East reached its peak. Their volume reached almost 1.1 billion euros. The recipients of the arms were Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Notably, in 2009, the government dismissed the supply of weapons only for 24,4 million euros. In a statement the government in this sense that Germany is "very carefully" take care that the weapon used to maintain peace, security and stability in the region. The fact that some requests were rejected, is "a sign of accurate and differentiated policy of arms exports, indicated in document.

Libyan rebels captured eight British military

Libyan rebels have captured  British military special forces in the east of the country after secret diplomatic mission for making contact with opposition leaders failed reveals newspaper Sunday Times. The team consisted of eight soldiers from the SAS (Special Air Service), were captured while escorted diplomat in anti-government controlled areas, the newspaper said.
British Foreign Office said in a brief message that it could "neither confirm nor deny" the news.
Earlier on Saturday, the Geneva-based rights group Human Rights Solidarity, which employs Libyan refugees, said by telephone told Reuters that "eight soldiers from the special forces" were captured by insurgents. British Defense Ministry also declined to comment on the news.
Interference of SAS is probably infuriated the Libyan opposition leaders who had ordered the soldiers to be closed military base, says the Sunday Times.
Opponents of Muammar Gaddafi's fear that he may use any license for Western military intervention to request continuing patriotic support more than two weeks revolt against 41 years of management.
Referring to Libyan sources, the Sunday Times said that British troops were captured in Benghazi, the second largest city in Libya and a center of resistance, and were led to one of the main opposition leaders for questioning.
The publication added that the diplomat, who was accompanied, is preparing a visit to its superior counterpart to establish diplomatic relations with the rebels.
The Sunday Times said that the Libyan opposition leaders tried to cover up the incident for fear of violent reactions of ordinary Libyans.

U.S. Air Force launched a second experimental space plane X-37B

Air Force (Air Force) United States launched a second experimental space plane, which outwardly resembles a small shuttle. Launcher Atlas 5 orbited aircraft X-37B, Having started from Cape Canaveral. First the same plane, which was launched into space last spring, spent 270 days in space, then landed in California in December 2010, the RBC with reference to the Associated Press. X-37B - orbiting unmanned aircraft developed by Boeing, which as written media, designed to test future launch technologies in orbit and descent into the atmosphere. It began as a joint project of U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Boeing. He was later given the American Air Force. Since much of the program objectives and a series of aircraft X-37B is kept secret.

Battles are already in Tripoli. Insurgents shot down a plane

On the streets of Tripoli is very intensive shooting. According to the BBC-B, in the Libyan capital shoot with firearms, in particular, to hear burst. Reported that the shooting is so intense in Tripoli has not been heard from the beginning of armed confrontation supporters and opponents of Muammar Gaddafi. So far in the city remained relatively calm, and Mr Qaddafi himself claimed that the authorities held him tightly and his supporters. And in the area of Ras Lanuf in western Libya shot down military plane, which belonged to the forces loyal regime of Muammar Gaddafi, said the radio station Europe1. The report stresses that the car was knock down just risen. Since the beginning of civil war in the Libyan army, which maintained allegiance to the government, actively used aircraft against the forces of the rebels. In the air they have the advantage, as it seems, the insurgents failed to capture serviceable military aircraft, says RosBusinessConsulting. We remind that the Libyan opposition created a National Council. Its chairman said the National Council - is now the sole legitimate representative of Libya.

Downed Libyan Mirage F-1BD or Su-24

Rebels in Libya have downed fighter Mirage F-1BD or Su-24, which is bombarded their positions in the disputed port city of Ras Lanuf. Both pilots were killed. In 2007 they signed with Dassault Aviation to restore the airworthiness of 12 pieces fighters Mirage F1BD/ED, from which a burst of excitement, only 4 have been completed. Two of them are in Malta, where the two pilots landed and asked for political asylum.

събота, 5 март 2011 г.

Saudi Arabia bans all protests and marches

Authorities in Saudi Arabia reported that prohibit any protests and marches after small demonstrations of Shiites in one of the oil-rich eastern provinces.
Security forces will use all means to prevent prejudice to public order, said a statement by the interior ministry said on national television.
The ban followed a series of protests by the Saudi Shiites, demanding to be placed on their relatives from prison, where their words have been held without trial, recalls Reuters.
Protesters say it is difficult to find work and do not preclude the administration of the Sunni monarchy absolute, with no parliament.
Shia minority lives near Bahrain, where protests also Shiite majority against the Sunni ruler.
Last week King Abdullah returned after three months' absence for health reasons and announced plans for 37 billion dollars, which the regime in Riyadh promised to give away as aid in various fields in order to prevent the outbreak of protests raging in the Arab world for more than month.

Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit

The main producer: U.S. Name: B-2 Spirit Type: Strategic bomber Year of adopting: 1987
Strategic Bomber B-2 refers to the third generation of U.S. stealth aircraft first is the Lockheed SR-71, the second - Lockheed F-117, the fourth - McDonnell Douglas A-12, the fifth - the fighters Northrop YF-23 and Lockheed YF-22. B-2 is not an "invisible" because there are systems that can detect it. Still, the visibility of small aircraft provides a high probability of survival in combat.
B-2 is made under the "flying wing" and has no vertical tail. Function rudders perform split flaps, mounted on the wing tips. Airframe is constructed mainly of titanium and aluminum alloys with wide application of carbon fiber with bismaleimidnoy and polyamide matrices having high heat resistance compared to epoxy resins. The main bearing component design is a single-spar titanium caisson, located in front of the central part of the body and the adjacent intermediate sections to which are attached carbon fiber wing, with no restrictions.
The thickness of the monolithic titanium panels caisson reaches 23 mm. A number of titanium components fabricated using superplastic forming and diffusion bonding. Some of the titanium cladding panels - the most lengthy in American aviation. For example, a panel of the intermediate hull sections in the area of engine compartments have dimensions of 0.31 x3, 66 m, three times larger than previously used. Wing equal to 19.8 m - an unprecedented lengthy composite structures.
Form B-2 in the plan established in 1912 with straight lines, allowing to concentrate all the reflections in the horizontal plane in several key sectors of the bottlenecks. Uses "a four" pattern: Parallel front and rear edges of the hull and the edge of manholes, valves niches chassis and engine compartment, as well as the shells air intake form the X-shaped arrangement of four major sectors of reflection (on the two sectors of the front and rear hemispheres). With the lateral and frontal plane angle has almost no straight lines and flat surfaces. Sock wing has an internal radar absorbing structure styloid honeycombed used radio-absorbing coating. The front edge of the body sharp, without breaks, its sweep - 33 °. Trailing edge is shaped like a double W, external point of inflection is located about polurazmahe. The wing has a supercritical profile. Four engines mounted in pairs on both sides of the central part of the body near the bomb bay. To reduce the radar visibility nozzle engines are made flat. This also contributes to the organization of isotropic scattering of incident waves by a smooth conjugation of structural elements and the minimal number of protruding elements. Cracks on the external surfaces are sealed carefully, and engines and armament are internal layout. The crew - two men who are placed in hermetically sealed cabin. Jobs each equipped with a full set of controls. In the cabin climb the ladders through the nose landing gear compartment. In the compartment of the chassis is a button to start the engines and the inclusion of key-board systems that are used during take-off the alarm. Glazed cabin of the four sandwich panels provides an overview of the horizontal 200 °. The panels have a layer with fotoreaktsionnoy ability and are lightproof to light effects of nuclear explosions. Gold-coated glass does not pass through the radar radiation. Pilots must fly a plane in protivolazernyh glasses. Fuel tanks are located in wing and tail parts of the intermediate hull sections. Top of the fuselage behind the cockpit is the receiver of in-flight refueling of aircraft K-135 and KC-10.
By-wire flight control system with high-speed digital kvadrupleksnaya drives. Has four of the calculator and keep working for two failures. The system of air signals discreet, with 20 pressure sensors. The complex of onboard equipment includes navigation subsystem NSS, including the inertial unit IMU firm Kirfott associated with astroinertial block AIU firm Northrop. There are eight multi-colored LEDs on a CRT - four for each pilot. At the 20-series aircraft will be installed satellite navigation system.


Wingspan - 52.43 pm Aircraft length - 21.03 m. Aircraft height - 5.18 m. Bearing surface area - 477.52 m2. Empty weight - 56700 kg. Fuel weight - 74,845 kg. Take-off weight - 181,440 kg. Type of engine - Turbofan General Electric F-118-GE-110. Maximum speed - 950-1010 km / h. Service ceiling - 15,240 m Practical Range - 18,530 km.

20 bombs the B-61 a total weight of 6,360 kg or 16 V-83 a total weight of 17,420 kg.