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Accident F-16: A ball nearly bring disaster

A faulty bearing seems to have been the cause detachment of the wheel in the F-16D fighter of 335 Squadron to 115 AM Araxos in today's accident. This report defencenet.gr information from the database.
The fracture caused a breaking ball screws "tie" the wheel axis.
During the landing the F-16D Adv. 116PM was not in use the hook strips or parachute brake development of the same aircraft.

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Thriller Araxos the nose wheel detached from shock-seater fighter F-16D Adv. The aircraft in the 11.06 when tried to take off the wheel ... detached (!) and completely left the place. The pilots immediately realized the problem and began to land after alerted the control tower for an emergency.
Began landing at the base and all kept the anapnoi because they are more aerodynamic than hard to land the aircraft without Nose wheel.
Eventually the pilot managed to make aerodynamic braking and land with both wheels so that the landing tachyita ellatothike so that the Nose leg stand without the wheel weight of the aircraft and to stabilize the edge of the runway of the 335M.
The accident is more rare and added to another odd incident that happened two weeks ago with the AH-64D Apache Megara. Deconstruction - in essence - a fighter of the wheel is practically impossible to happen once there are multiple fuses that fit the wheel-side landing. Of course if he left the wheel of one of the two parts of the body, then there would be a permanent loss of the aircraft and would not even epicheireito landing, but abandonment.
But in this case, again the odds were against the pilots, who must be congratulated for the excellent management of a very difficult situation.
The two pilots are in good health and not the aircraft is damaged damaged than the landing leg, which will certainly replace at least a point in contact with the floor landing after receiving a huge load and it is surprising that he collapsed.
The F-16 Adv. the batch of 30 fighters purchased in 2005 and considered the most accomplished fighters of the Air Force after having built up the ... ASPIS II!

DAnish warship rescued 16 Iranian citizens

Danish warship rescued 16 Iranians taken captive by Somali pirates, reported AFP and ITAR-TASS, citing the Danish Navy.
Danish military sailors entered in a shootout with pirates on Thursday, killing four and injuring 10 of them. They managed to establish control over the pirate ship, where he opened 16 and 24 captured Iranians live pirates.
Iranians are well and will soon be able to get home. Captured pirates remain aboard the Danish vessel, as is still exploring ways to be sued.

In Afghanistan the US forces are fighting as the Soviet

Americans' soft gloves off "in battle with Taliban In recent months, sharply increased the intensity of the actions of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, where they are not limited to the protection of civilians by Islamists held a real advance, superior-scale operation in 2001 when he was ousted Taliban regime are stated in Nezavisimaya Gazeta. More than three times jumped the activity of special operations forces search and destroy rebels Exceptional performance show night raids of commandos whose intensity cause discontent, even the Afghan president. Only a month aviation NATO has spent more than a thousand bombs and missiles - an absolute record for the entire war so far. This is partly the result of the policy of the new commander General David Petraeus, taking of a number of restrictions on use of aviation and artillery. He says himself that "soft gloves are removed and this has given a huge effect. For the first time in nine years, the U.S. sent tanks in Afghanistan, "Abrams' battle with weight 68 tons, armed with 120 mm gun. They can demolish a building than a mile away. tanks will help the Marines, resulting battle with the Taliban in Helmand province. Some time ago the main means of fire destruction of the Americans were artillery and aviation. However, tanks can operate in battle formation of infantry, faster firing points to destroy the enemy and have greater accuracy in shooting. They are also immune to improvised munitions using Taliban. Positive experience in using tanks have Canadian and Danish troops. Until recently, Americans do not use tanks, do not cause in the local association with the Soviet Army, which fought with tanks against the mujahideen. Now "Abrams" is the last trump card in battle with the Taliban to the Americans, noted in comments to the Nezavisimaya Gazeta. Currently, Afghanistan has 150,000 foreign troops, and 100,000 of them Americans.

събота, 9 април 2011 г.

Gaddafi has been sentenced to death. The sentence is final and non-negotiable

Gaddafi has been sentenced to death. The sentence is final and non-negotiable. Not so important as it will be done technically. Blow "tomahawk" or intelligence operations, the bullet hit man or a heart attack. Not have to believe through false statements Westerners - we supposedly do not want to kill Gaddafi. Well, yes, of course. And accidentally erased the missile and bomb strikes residence Gaddafi in Tripoli. "As a communications center."
Plan to kill the last romantic region, a man extremely eccentric and patriot of his country and people. In 1969, a young 27-year-old captain, Muammar al-Gaddafi with a group of junior officers, a military coup and overthrew the pro-American regime of King Idris'. What to do next Gaddafi and his colleagues simply did not know. And they went for help and advice to Egypt, to the president, Hero of the Soviet Union (!) GA Nasr.
Returned winged hope for a better future, they were followed by the Egyptian advisers, who helped organize the polity and to establish the economic life of Libya. And then there was the younger Qaddafi, which has already become a colonel, a dream - to build in the Libyan People's Welfare State on the principles of socialism. All subsequent life and work of the colonel was devoted to the implementation of this dream.
Simple enumeration of social benefits and real democracy socialist Libya will take a few pages. Let us name some - free health care, education, including training abroad, the real redistribution of income of the state in favor of the poor. Until the interest-free credit (for all) to buy housing or cars, the state immediately offset 50 percent of the cost. Gasoline at 5 rubles per liter!
Qaddafi himself - far from unique people. He started with the support of radical Islamic groups and extremists, and later banned them in the country and even executed the most zealous activists. He started with a call to destroy Israel, and later introduced the idea of ​​creating a single (!) Israeli-Palestinian state. "Implementation Plan" two states for two peoples "would lead to such a level of threat to Israeli security, which will not be able to agree." Do not think that these are words from the speech of deputy Knesset of Israel. " This is a - quote from the article Qaddafi, published in The New York Times in January 2009.
It is absurd to suspect the Israelis in a special love for the regime of Gaddafi. Quote two statements about the so-called insurgents and fighters for democracy in Libya. "Benghazi and Dern are characterized by the dominant ideology of militant Islam, are the base of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which in 2007 formally merged with al Qaeda. Tribal support LIFG is Kharaba. The head of the transitional government of the tribe Kharaba. "" Benghazi and the surrounding region are a major ideological and political bases of the terrorist network Al Qaeda, the main region, supplying suicide bombers and jihadists ... Who supports the West? Mad! "
For western democracy advocates cite another quotation. "The Conscience Sarkozy kemeruna, Obama bunch of civilian lives of Libyans. So what? If they are the Libyans, and not citizens of France or England, their lives are worth nothing? "In fact, a pretext for aggression against Libya is more like a fig leaf for the causal site. Surprising unprecedented unanimity of NATO countries, except Turkey, and partly in Germany. All as one opposed Qadhafi and rushed to defend democracy in Libya. Missiles da bomb.
What is the true cause of aggression and so amicable action of U.S. and NATO? I want to offer their vision of the events. To begin with, that aggression was not spontaneous and unprepared. American officials sparingly and reluctantly, has already admitted that before the attack on Libya in its eastern regions (Benghazi) worked some reconnaissance. There is information about the early transfer of small arms manufactured in Italy, ammunition and equipment for the "rebels". Hence, the aggression prepared before use by Colonel Gaddafi troops against the rebels.
Now the main thing. The latest international initiative Qaddafi was a proposal to African states to create a single union to protect their national interests and natural resources. Qadhafi proposed to introduce a new currency - the gold dinar and renounce the use of the dollar and euro. Assault on the American press and sinking Evrika he just could not - that's the main reason for aggression and unprecedented unanimity.
It is no secret that thanks to the tireless work of the printing press became a paper dollar, which in no way guaranteed. U.S. national debt is no longer measured in billions and trillions of dollars. NATO countries (except not in favor of Turkey) - are the same members of the European Community with their patients euros. The emergence of new, even if the regional currency for them is equivalent to a catastrophe. So we decided to crush the initiative in the bud. Quite simply, Occam's Razor.
What will happen with Libya? It is terrible to say - absolute dismemberment of the country and destroy its leader - Gaddafi (barring a miracle). What will happen with the U.S. and its allies? Sadly, more than likely - the growth of extremist and terrorist speeches. And not just from the Libyans. The most unexpected for them to prove that the so-called Rebels in fact - conventional separatists. And go to the assault were not going to Tripoli, and are not collected. The main thing for them - to put on the control of oil wealth. And then they have perederutsya among themselves.
The success of the separatists in Libya will inspire others. Take a triangle Kurdish Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Start everything from Iraq after the withdrawal of occupying troops. Then the fire will spread further. Do not forget that Mosul and Kerkuk - these are areas of the richest oil deposits. U.S. support of Iranian Kurds, if they will act against Iran and would require "democratic reforms"? And how. Iran - the next country on the agenda demokratizatorov.
Finally - a question to the coordinators. Do you not see what all goes? In a flame of fire coming to suffer all ...

петък, 8 април 2011 г.

New Zealand air force received the first two helicopters AW-109

The Air forces of New Zealand received the first two helicopters AW-109 company Agusta / Westland, "reported the Sunday Star Times. Helicopters delivered to Ohakea Air Base in disassembled form.
These machines have become the first delivery of new aircraft for Air New Zealand for the past four decades.
MO New Zealand signed with Agusta / Westland "contract for the purchase of five helicopters AW-109 LUH in May 2008.
The agreement also provides for the delivery aviatrenazhera, spare parts, avionics, instruments, and the provision of services. The total contract value of more than 139 million NZ dollars (109 million U.S. dollars).
Work on the assembly of the first helicopter had already started and is expected in the near future it will rise into the air. The second machine will be used as spares. Delivery of the remaining four helicopters will be completed by September. It is planned that all AW-109 will be accepted for service New Zealand Air Force until the end of 2011.
Procured helicopters intended to replace time-expired service light helicopters Bell-47G-3B »« Siu, who operated since 1965.
New helicopters are designed for a wide range of applications. In particular, it is an organization of flight training pilots, transporting personnel, support in conducting anti-terrorism and police operations, participating in search and rescue and patrol operations.
In December 2010 the New Zealand Government announced its intention to purchase three additional vehicles AW-109. Helicopters can be delivered within five years from the date of signing the contract.

Belgium holds the replacement tank Leopard on a wheeled counterparts.

Около 800 миллионов евро выделено на замену танков Leopard и гусеничных бронетранспортеров (M-113 и другие) альтернативной колесной машиной в 7 различных вариантах. Поставка планируется тремя партиями – 138, 81 и 23 машины.
В 2006-м году бельгийское правительство объявило о решении закупить 242 Piranha IIIC за 604 миллиона долларов (500 миллионов евро) вместе с соответствующей материально-технической поддержкой.
Этот заказ явился крупнейшей разовой закупкой для страны НАТО в истории швейцарской компании MOWAG производящей бронетранспортёры указанного вида.
Поставки первых БТР начались в 2007 году и по планам продолжатся до 2015.
На базовом шасси устанавливаются:
-Двухместная башня LCTS от фирмы CMI Defense, с 90 мм пушкой. Данная модификация заменит танки "Leopard 1A5" с 105 мм пушкой, которые будут выведены из эксплуатации к концу 2011 году.
- OWS с 30 мм пушкой израильской фирмы "ELBIT"

- "ARROWS" фирмы FN Herstal с 12,7 мм пулемётом .

Все машины оборудованы электронно-оптической системой бельгийской фирмы OIP, оборудованием связи фимы THALES, системой обнаружения снайперов и лазерного облучения фирмы OIP, плугом от противопехотных мин и бульдозерным оборудованием. Основной упор фирмой MOWAG сделан на совместимость с другими машинами, находящимися на вооружении Бельгийской армии, а также армий других стран НАТО.
Всего бельгийская армия примет семь модификаций PIRANHA IIIC, оснащенных стандартной системой подвески и дизельным двигателем Caterpillar C9, соединенного с семискоростной трансмиссией.
Семь модификаций включают в себя БТР, БМП, санитарную машину, командный пункт, инженерную машину, БРЭМ.

Russia handed over Peru attack helicopters Mi-35P

Russia has put Peru ordered two multi-purpose attack helicopter Mi-35P, reports Defensa. The machines were delivered to Transport-124-100 "Ruslan" on the airbase Peru Armando Revoredo Iglesias. Assembly of the helicopter, with the participation of specialists of Rosoboronexport and the Air Force of Peru has already begun. As expected in the next few days, Mi-35P begin acceptance tests, after which will be taken on Air Force of Peru.
Agreement for the supply of Peru eight helicopters - two Mi-35 helicopters and six transport Mi-171SH - was signed July 23, 2010.
According Defensa, the deal amounted to 107.9 million dollars. The first Mi-171SH will be delivered to the customer in May this year. The Peruvian military intend to use Russian helicopters to fight drug trafficking, as well as for attacks on the bases of the rebel group Sendero Luminoso in the valley of the rivers Apurimac and Ene.
Currently, Peru is implemented fleet modernization program, purchased from the USSR. In 2005 he was awarded a contract with Rosoboronexport to upgrade 13 Mi-17 helicopters. The deal amounted to 13 million dollars. In 2007 the modernization of 70 helicopters, 21 fighter aircraft, 50 bombers and attack aircraft of Soviet production. Modernization Program of the fleet should be completed in late 2011.