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In Afghanistan the US forces are fighting as the Soviet

Americans' soft gloves off "in battle with Taliban In recent months, sharply increased the intensity of the actions of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, where they are not limited to the protection of civilians by Islamists held a real advance, superior-scale operation in 2001 when he was ousted Taliban regime are stated in Nezavisimaya Gazeta. More than three times jumped the activity of special operations forces search and destroy rebels Exceptional performance show night raids of commandos whose intensity cause discontent, even the Afghan president. Only a month aviation NATO has spent more than a thousand bombs and missiles - an absolute record for the entire war so far. This is partly the result of the policy of the new commander General David Petraeus, taking of a number of restrictions on use of aviation and artillery. He says himself that "soft gloves are removed and this has given a huge effect. For the first time in nine years, the U.S. sent tanks in Afghanistan, "Abrams' battle with weight 68 tons, armed with 120 mm gun. They can demolish a building than a mile away. tanks will help the Marines, resulting battle with the Taliban in Helmand province. Some time ago the main means of fire destruction of the Americans were artillery and aviation. However, tanks can operate in battle formation of infantry, faster firing points to destroy the enemy and have greater accuracy in shooting. They are also immune to improvised munitions using Taliban. Positive experience in using tanks have Canadian and Danish troops. Until recently, Americans do not use tanks, do not cause in the local association with the Soviet Army, which fought with tanks against the mujahideen. Now "Abrams" is the last trump card in battle with the Taliban to the Americans, noted in comments to the Nezavisimaya Gazeta. Currently, Afghanistan has 150,000 foreign troops, and 100,000 of them Americans.

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