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US Navy UAV - Sea Avenger

The company General Atomics Aeronautical Systems has successfully completed the test in a wind tunnel model of an unmanned attack aircraft Sea Avenger. This UAV is one of the main contenders for victory in the program UCLASS the U.S. Navy to create a shock UAV capable of take off and land on the deck of an aircraft carrier.
Recent wind tunnel tests were to confirm the predicted high performance of the new wing while flying at low speeds, which provide a longer flight and low speed approach. In this new wing should provide higher maximum flight speed for a rapid response to threats.
Eight 90-hour test was conducted at the Center for Space Technology in San Diego and was completed ahead of schedule. The results confirmed the high quality patented design of a wing - high-speed flight and ensuring a low speed when landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier.
Jet drone Sea Avenger is the next step in the evolution of proven UAV Predator. Unlike its predecessors, screw, Avenger is a big payload, flies faster, less vulnerable to air defenses and, most importantly - this is currently the only aircraft that fits into the tight schedule of the program UCLASS.
Sea Avenger is designed for fully automatic start and landing with both types of U.S. aircraft carriers - USS Nimitz and the USS Ford. Thanks to modern technology of designing UAV Avenger developed extremely quickly. During the first year of testing with a frequency of 2-3 flights per week, only one flight was canceled due to improper maintenance. UAVs have already passed extensive tests on ESR (effective area of scattering) and is an extremely secretive weapons.
Avenger is able to fly 30-45 minutes after removal from storage and take off and land automatically on any runway, including the deck aircraft carrier. The unmanned aircraft can carry radar GA-ASI Lynx for exploration and a wide range of precision-guided weapons, including powerful bomb JDAM weight of 900 kg. Payload of 2700 kg higher than that of manned fighter aircraft MiG-29, which in this case almost three tons heavier. Avenger can stay aloft for up to 20 hours, breaking the inter-continental distance of 12 thousand miles at a cruising speed of 650 km / h and an altitude of 15 km. Onboard electronics and a control station, developed on the basis of proven Predator B/MQ-9 Reaper, can carry out long Avenger stealth missions, surveillance, electronic warfare and reconnaissance in standalone mode, to apply precision strikes on land and water. Also in the future he is able to intercept ballistic missiles in the boost phase of the trajectory - to patrol the area where the missile launchers of the enemy, detect Warm missiles and shoot down it.
Cost Avenger compared with manned fighters is low - about $ 14 million

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