петък, 4 март 2011 г.

Ukraine will produce its own helicopters

Most of the helicopters that are on the Ukrainian Army, created in Soviet times. In connection with what is now rising sharply the question of substitution vybivshey of operating equipment in new and modern designs.
Difficult financial situation of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, can not buy Western models. According to this company "Motor Sich" begins a program to build modernized Mi-8 and Mi-2 based on the "Vinnytsia Aircraft Factory" with the hope to interest the military a cheaper alternative.
Zaporozhye designers decided on the basis of the old Mi-2 and Mi-8T to create new and improved model. For this project to "Motor Sich" opened a special structure - school helicopter.
Supposed to hold the replacement engine helicopters with more powerful, also replace the "insides" - the fuel tank, on-board equipment. Then plan to replace the blades, modify the fuselage. In the second stage of modernization will create almost a new helicopter with improved aircraft performance and economic performance.
For three years a plan to build about a hundred helicopters. The project cost 300 million dollars. As a result, the program will create an additional 10,000 jobs across Ukraine.
Since the construction of air transport typically involve several factories and businesses: someone makes engines, some avionics, some chairs and paneling.
The entire program takes about 80-100 million dollars, and it will be calculated for 7 years. As a result of implementation of the "Motor Sich" expects to enter the release of 15-20 helicopters a month.

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