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Turkey with twice bigger military export in 2011

DIC Turkey in 2011 expects to double exports of defense products. To achieve this goal will create agency for export of defense articles, reports Daily Hurriyet.
As major buyers of the Turkish Armed considered the Middle East, Central and South Asia, as well as several European countries.
According to the national experts, the volume of exports DIC Turkey in 2011 could reach 1.5 billion dollars, almost 2 times higher than in 2009 (832 million dollars).
According to a representative of the Secretariat of Defense Industry (SSM) of Turkey, in 2011, offers large payments on contracts signed in previous years, as well as advance payments on contracts to be signed this year.
Export of military goods DIC Turkey 5 years ago was $ 200 million. According to the Association of Defence Industry of Turkey (SaSaD), exports in 2009 totaled 669 million dollars, exceeding the 2008 results (576 million dollars). Formally declared SSM figure for arms exports in 2009 was 832 million dollars, but in this volume include offset obligations for civil aviation industry. SaSaD counts only the export of defense articles.
According to the representative of the SSM, the growth of exports of the defense sector is a strategic objective of the Government of Turkey.
Turkish companies can compete with foreign producers in the sector of armored vehicles, electronic systems and software, marine and space applications. The main exporter company Tyurkish Aerospace Industries »(TAI), which already supplies various civil aviation equipment in the offset programs with American and European manufacturers, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Airbus.
The most successful sector of the Turkish defense industry in the context of export is the production of armored vehicles. Company "Otokar and FNSS in recent years signed contracts worth more than $ 1 billion, including agreements worth 850 million dollars from Saudi Arabia last year.
In 2010 FNSS signed an agreement, estimated at 500 million dollars on a joint project of delivery of armored personnel carriers for aircraft Malaysia.
The list of importers of Turkish arms also includes the country's post-Soviet space. In 2010, Turkmenistan signed an agreement worth 55 million euros with the Turkish company Dearsan for the supply of two patrol boats. Large-scale projects with the countries of the region, Turkey is implementing with Azerbaijan.
Pakistan is a major customer. F-16 fighter Pakistan Air Force modernized TAI with the permission of the United States. The company "Aselsan supplies to Pakistan wireless information sharing system.
TAI also upgraded the outdated F-16 fighter Air Force Jordan, and "Otokar has signed a contract worth 24 million dollars for the supply of armored vehicles of Azerbaijani Armed Forces.
In the long term, Turkey hopes to export drums and multi-purpose helicopters. In particular, together with the Italian Agusta / Westland "within the framework of the joint production of 60 attack helicopters, T-129, TAI expects to enter into agreements to sell them to third countries. In the near future, the defense establishment
Turkey plans to conclude a contract to supply 109 multi-purpose helicopters for the armed forces and security forces with a company Agusta / Westland "or" Sikorsky Aircraft. " Together with the winning bidder Turkish side plans to manufacture cars for export to third countries.

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