петък, 8 април 2011 г.

Russia handed over Peru attack helicopters Mi-35P

Russia has put Peru ordered two multi-purpose attack helicopter Mi-35P, reports Defensa. The machines were delivered to Transport-124-100 "Ruslan" on the airbase Peru Armando Revoredo Iglesias. Assembly of the helicopter, with the participation of specialists of Rosoboronexport and the Air Force of Peru has already begun. As expected in the next few days, Mi-35P begin acceptance tests, after which will be taken on Air Force of Peru.
Agreement for the supply of Peru eight helicopters - two Mi-35 helicopters and six transport Mi-171SH - was signed July 23, 2010.
According Defensa, the deal amounted to 107.9 million dollars. The first Mi-171SH will be delivered to the customer in May this year. The Peruvian military intend to use Russian helicopters to fight drug trafficking, as well as for attacks on the bases of the rebel group Sendero Luminoso in the valley of the rivers Apurimac and Ene.
Currently, Peru is implemented fleet modernization program, purchased from the USSR. In 2005 he was awarded a contract with Rosoboronexport to upgrade 13 Mi-17 helicopters. The deal amounted to 13 million dollars. In 2007 the modernization of 70 helicopters, 21 fighter aircraft, 50 bombers and attack aircraft of Soviet production. Modernization Program of the fleet should be completed in late 2011.

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