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New Zealand air force received the first two helicopters AW-109

The Air forces of New Zealand received the first two helicopters AW-109 company Agusta / Westland, "reported the Sunday Star Times. Helicopters delivered to Ohakea Air Base in disassembled form.
These machines have become the first delivery of new aircraft for Air New Zealand for the past four decades.
MO New Zealand signed with Agusta / Westland "contract for the purchase of five helicopters AW-109 LUH in May 2008.
The agreement also provides for the delivery aviatrenazhera, spare parts, avionics, instruments, and the provision of services. The total contract value of more than 139 million NZ dollars (109 million U.S. dollars).
Work on the assembly of the first helicopter had already started and is expected in the near future it will rise into the air. The second machine will be used as spares. Delivery of the remaining four helicopters will be completed by September. It is planned that all AW-109 will be accepted for service New Zealand Air Force until the end of 2011.
Procured helicopters intended to replace time-expired service light helicopters Bell-47G-3B »« Siu, who operated since 1965.
New helicopters are designed for a wide range of applications. In particular, it is an organization of flight training pilots, transporting personnel, support in conducting anti-terrorism and police operations, participating in search and rescue and patrol operations.
In December 2010 the New Zealand Government announced its intention to purchase three additional vehicles AW-109. Helicopters can be delivered within five years from the date of signing the contract.

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