четвъртък, 7 април 2011 г.

Libya situation

At a briefing to NATO by April 5 for the first time gives some details of the operation, "United defender" (Unified Protector). It is clear what problems NATO meeting in hitting targets on earth once assumed command and control operation. Of course the reduced number of attacks and prudence are not due to withdrawal from the operation of U.S. aircraft impact or at least not entirely. Aviation of France, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Belgium and Norway carry out strikes on ground targets and, where appropriate, other countries could contribute to it. The main problem the alliance is that its aircraft operate in a typical situation in the scenario of interaction with the land forces (TIC - Troops In Contact), but in this case in Libya does not own land parts, and no effective direct contact with the rebels. Nanesesh to attack from the air with no one to tell you what exactly needs to be struck and what not - is extremely difficult and dangerous. The most important moments of the conference: 1. Enforcing and monitoring compliance with the embargo on imports of arms to Libya as part of Operation "United defender, started on March 23, 2011 and includes 18 vessels from 9 countries, and maritime patrol aircraft. At yesterday's date were checked a total of 76 vessel, until now no violations were found. 2. Operation imposing no-fly zone is in operation and no case of flight to and from Libya without permission. From mid-March made no flights from the Libyan Air Force. 3. For the protection of civilians and cities, this day (day 18 of the conflict in Libya) were carried out 14 attacks by NATO aircraft on ground targets - air defense systems, ammunition depots, tanks and armored vehicles in the area of ​​Misrata. In the vicinity of coast is destroyed system of fire bursts. 4. Continue humanitarian operations. Of the questions during the briefing questions it becomes clear that NATO manages only those aircraft and ships that are formally submitted. Actions of others who are under national command (U.S. UAV and landing ships, the French aviation-Marine Group / aircraft, ships, submarines and 16 aircraft / etc.) Coordinate with NATO. But every attack on ground target is under the command and control of NATO. After the change of command operational tempo does not decrease: after taking his NATO committed samoletoizlitaniya 851 and 334 fields have been completed action on ground targets. NATO as an organization has contact with the Transitional National Council of Libya, even after France, Qatar and Italy have recognized him. Gaddafi's troops changed tactics - using light weapons on the front line, and is heavy on "second tier" or in populated areas. So NATO, even without the strike, preventing its use against civilians. According to the assessment of NATO's 30% of the capabilities of forces are eliminated from Gaddafi damage so far hit. NATO provides the arms embargo on air and sea but on land it depends mainly on countries bordering Libya. Priority NATO currently is a city Misra. There Gaddafi forces used "human shields" and its tanks are scattered in urban areas. The Americans withdrew their shock planes, but Britain has decided to devote four of six Typhoon fighter jets to be used for strikes against ground targets.

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