неделя, 20 март 2011 г.

Gaddafi's forces entered the Misrata

On the second day since the international military operation against Muammar Gaddafi, forces of the regime became located about 150 km east of Tripoli port Misrata, said the Italian agency AGI. Witnesses quoted by the agency say they have seen government troops and armored vehicles in the city center, where snipers shoot at citizens of Misrata. Simultaneously, Gaddafi's ships have blocked the port. Earlier in the day Al Jazeera forward the words of one of the fighters of the rebels in the city as saying that several shells fell on residential areas. Sadula el Mesrati added that shops were destroyed and power substations. Armored vehicles launched from bullets and artillery fire have destroyed public infrastructure, shops and administrative buildings. Earlier in the day the agency announced arrested by the forces of the regime Italian freighter in Tripoli. On board the "Ace 22" has eight Italians, two Indians and one Ukrainian, announced by the operator of the ship - Naples company Augusta Offshore. The Italian government said it would take "all actions" to release the vessel.

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