събота, 12 март 2011 г.

For its border Russia will buy armored vehicles from France

French company "Panaro" is at an advanced stage of negotiations with Russia to supply 500 light armored vehicles and expects to sign a contract within the next few months. This, as the "Dzheyns DEFENCE uyikli," said company president Christian Mons. According to K. Mons, negotiations with Moscow related sales 3.1-ton light armored combat vehicles VBL with wheel formula 4x4. When signing the agreement, costs could reach about 200 million euros (260 million dollars). Russian armored vehicles side tested for several months and plans to ensure their units FSB Border Service of Russia. It should be noted that the potential contract of "Panaro" with Russia be considered by the organization that control the export of defense products. Specifically, in 2010 an inter-ministerial committee to monitor the export of military products CIEEMG vetoed French supply equipment to Pakistan. However, in the context of bilateral Russian-French military cooperation problems getting permission is not expected. Russia also expects to begin production of French technology in the license agreement on its territory.

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