събота, 5 март 2011 г.

Saudi Arabia bans all protests and marches

Authorities in Saudi Arabia reported that prohibit any protests and marches after small demonstrations of Shiites in one of the oil-rich eastern provinces.
Security forces will use all means to prevent prejudice to public order, said a statement by the interior ministry said on national television.
The ban followed a series of protests by the Saudi Shiites, demanding to be placed on their relatives from prison, where their words have been held without trial, recalls Reuters.
Protesters say it is difficult to find work and do not preclude the administration of the Sunni monarchy absolute, with no parliament.
Shia minority lives near Bahrain, where protests also Shiite majority against the Sunni ruler.
Last week King Abdullah returned after three months' absence for health reasons and announced plans for 37 billion dollars, which the regime in Riyadh promised to give away as aid in various fields in order to prevent the outbreak of protests raging in the Arab world for more than month.

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