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Libyan rebels captured eight British military

Libyan rebels have captured  British military special forces in the east of the country after secret diplomatic mission for making contact with opposition leaders failed reveals newspaper Sunday Times. The team consisted of eight soldiers from the SAS (Special Air Service), were captured while escorted diplomat in anti-government controlled areas, the newspaper said.
British Foreign Office said in a brief message that it could "neither confirm nor deny" the news.
Earlier on Saturday, the Geneva-based rights group Human Rights Solidarity, which employs Libyan refugees, said by telephone told Reuters that "eight soldiers from the special forces" were captured by insurgents. British Defense Ministry also declined to comment on the news.
Interference of SAS is probably infuriated the Libyan opposition leaders who had ordered the soldiers to be closed military base, says the Sunday Times.
Opponents of Muammar Gaddafi's fear that he may use any license for Western military intervention to request continuing patriotic support more than two weeks revolt against 41 years of management.
Referring to Libyan sources, the Sunday Times said that British troops were captured in Benghazi, the second largest city in Libya and a center of resistance, and were led to one of the main opposition leaders for questioning.
The publication added that the diplomat, who was accompanied, is preparing a visit to its superior counterpart to establish diplomatic relations with the rebels.
The Sunday Times said that the Libyan opposition leaders tried to cover up the incident for fear of violent reactions of ordinary Libyans.

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