вторник, 15 март 2011 г.

In Libya, the army approached the strategically important city for insurgents Ajdabiya

Subsection Libyan army approached close to the strategically important city of Ajdabiya, which stands at the crossroads leading to the stronghold of the opposition - of Benghazi and the port of Tobruk, which is located near the border with Egypt, RIA Novosti. For information about moving troops Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi reiterated several sources among the rebels. "Ajdabiya - the key to the entire eastern part of the country, sending troops to Tobruk, the regime (M. Gaddafi) will ring k Benghazi and all the east of it free of El-Marj, Al-Beida, turf" - the spokesman of the opposition Salem BENHARISI. The rebels on Monday actively preparing to meet the enemy. In the western gate of the rebels pidvozyly weapons, including mobile installation GRAD, T-55, equipped with antiaircraft machine guns off. Pick Japanese and Chinese origin with machine guns mounted on them a business card war Libyan rebels and the army Mr Qaddafi, they use both sides. Machine guns are in many courts in the city. Around them - the consolidation of sand and stones. Airplanes Air Force in Libya over Ajdabiya throwing leaflets, announced the "fair recompense traitor and mercenary are attached to respect the peace and order. On Monday, rebel commanders have denied to journalists recording their position, arguing that the Libyan army uses data, broadcast TV channels, for a task point attacks on their strongholds. Because of fears that the next day or two Ajdabiya go under the control of Libyan army, Benghazi left much of the foreign journalists. After opening the borders of the rebels about three weeks ago on Libyan territory illegally, without issuing visas through Libyan border crossing at Al-`Sallyum traveled nearly a thousand journalists from around the world.

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