понеделник, 7 март 2011 г.

Increased military budget China - Again

In 2011 China will increase its defense budget by 12.7% compared with 2010, reports Associated Press. So in 2011 the development of its armed forces, China will spend 91.5 billion dollars, while in 2010 were 81milarda dollars, up 7.5 percent over 2009. The military budget represents 6% of the entire state budget and as a member of the CCP Central Committee Li Chzhaosin growth of defense spending does not threaten any country. But according to several experts, China's military spending to maintain armed forces, the purchase of weapons and equipment, and to develop new weapons models may be twice higher than officially announced. This causes particular concern in many countries such as Japan, India, Taiwan and USA. In early 2011 the Minister of Defense announced the renewal of the program to create a new generation strategic bomber, citing the need to project a rapid military-technological development of China. The Minister also announced the development of new radar and Reb and adoption of weapons on deck fighter F-35C Lightning II. Fearing a military preparations in China, Taiwan more insistently began to push for renewed talks with the U.S. to supply fighter jets F-16C / D Block 52 Fighting Falcon. India, which has territorial disputes with China also increased its military budget. Of particular concern causes early trials of promising Chinese 'stealth' fifth-generation fighter J-20, and also entry of weapons of anti-ballistic missile DF-21D.

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