неделя, 6 март 2011 г.

Germany had supplied Libya with arms for 83 million euros for the period 2005-2009

Germany between 2005 to 2009 supplied arms to Libya, totaling 83.5 million euros. Only in 2009 the volume of deliveries totaled 53.2 million euros. Libya were put off, helicopters, communications and equipment for their jamming and radar. It is reported by Deutsche Welle referring to the newspaper Saarbrücker Zeitung, which received official government response to the request leftist faction in the Bundestag. According to the newspaper, in 2009, arms deliveries from Germany to the Middle East reached its peak. Their volume reached almost 1.1 billion euros. The recipients of the arms were Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Notably, in 2009, the government dismissed the supply of weapons only for 24,4 million euros. In a statement the government in this sense that Germany is "very carefully" take care that the weapon used to maintain peace, security and stability in the region. The fact that some requests were rejected, is "a sign of accurate and differentiated policy of arms exports, indicated in document.

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