петък, 4 март 2011 г.

The Israeli system of protection against anti-tank missiles proved its practical efficiency

Israeli experts developed a system of protection against anti-tank missiles, which was called "Meyil-ruah", was first fighting the test - it has successfully repelled an attack on enemy armored jeep attacked by terrorists, said, referring to Ukrinform website IDF.
Complex Meyil-ruah (Wind cloak) was developed in parallel with other system - steel canopy, which provides protection against mortar shells and short range missiles (such as "desks").
Both systems have proven effective in target destruction, but their implementation in the arsenal of the Israeli army is delayed due to extremely high cost of system components - they cost thousands of dollars. At the same time producing a "Kassama" terrorists costs 100-150 dollars.
However, the mere proof of the successful development of these systems for effective use in combat conditions is an achievement of Israeli technology. If a developer can reduce the cost of production and operation of these systems, they can gain wide use and save many lives.

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