петък, 4 март 2011 г.

New clashes after Friday prayers in the capital of Libya

Police and armed units loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, used tear gas, firearms and other special means to disperse anti-government protests that erupted in Tripoli after traditional Friday prayers, reports the Associated Press.
After the prayer congregations were targeted directly to the central parts of the capital, demanding the removal of Qadhafi.
According to eyewitnesses in the city came to be collected in tanks and pro-government forces. At the same time continue to flow at protesters who claim that no longer afraid of anything and are willing to stay on the street to the end.
In the western city I Zauiya residents continue to fend off attacks from the forces said. Today it was reported that in the battles and used heavy artillery and killed around 50 people.
In the vicinity of the third largest Libyan city Misrata also continued clashes between the opposition, which controls the town, and supporters said. Currently, no reports of casualties.
On Friday, the rebels returned to their city by the troops Coast Gaddafi and continue to move west to Sirte, the hometown of the dictator, where his positions have remained stable. Coast, the second largest terminal for exports of oil from Libya, has become the center of fighting between opposition and pro-government forces on March 2, with the result that the city passed into the hands of the opposition.
Fierce battles using heavy military equipment are kept near the port terminal Ras Lanuf. According to BBC the opposition forces have already reached that point. Correspondent for Reuters, which is located 20 miles east of the port, confirmed that the city have targeted numerous trucks with weapons and added that the city heard artillery fire.
Agency reports that rebels have taken over the city's airport.

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