събота, 5 март 2011 г.

In Russia, crashed An-148 production plant owned aircraft Voronezh

Passenger aircraft An-148 Voronezh owned aircraft manufacturing plant (VASO) disappeared from radar screens during tests at 130 km from the border Byelohorodskyy Voronezh and Voronezh regions. As reported in AEX.ru Rosaviatsiyi, the plane was an experimental aircraft certificate. We certainly know that the airliner crashed. According to preliminary data, killing both pilots. The aircraft was tested, it was not the passengers. According to police, the plane hit the ground when engaged. Sources in aviapromi claim that AN-148 (61708) was built by order of Myanmar Air Force. According to MOE, the plane crashed in the Belgorod region, village Garbuzova. The plane fell on the private garden of homeownership. On land destruction and no casualties. According to preliminary data, the board of 6 persons. Four killed, yet the fate of 2 is unknown. According to some reports, on board were four crew members and two foreigners - citizens of Myanmar.

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