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MDT Armor Corporation promotes market-armored Tiger

MDT Armor Corporation promotes market-armored Tiger. "Tiger is a high quality off-road vehicle in the segment light armored vehicles, which meets the needs of a wide range of potential customers. With our experience in production, low cost of the life cycle of Tiger, we feel that this is a great opportunity to unite," said Director General of Textron Marine & Land Systems Tom Walmsley (Tom Walmsley).
Tiger is based on series commercial platform Dodge RAM 5500, whereby he turned out a cost-effective solution for a light armored vehicle terrain.
Tiger is able to comfortably carry six to nine soldiers in an armored cab offering effective ballistic and mine protection. The machine provides an opportunity to hang extra armor for increased protection from evolving threats.
Tiger weighs 8.8 tons of armor with the established standard package and 1.5 tons of payload. He is driven by a diesel engine Cummins, which provides power of 350 hp. He has great wheels and wheelbase of 3,230 mm. Through this Tiger has an extremely high permeability. The machine heavy off-road suspension, which provides comfort for the crew and effective off-road cross. The roof is designed to fit the combat unit with a remote control or controlled tower.
According to Jonathan Vartmana (Jonathan Whartman), executive vice president of corporate MDT Armor, Tiger was designed as an affordable platform. MDT has developed a solution for the armor, which is not rigidly tied to a particular chassis. "Our unique cabin design provides easy access to all components or dismantling the entire car with the chassis," said Vartman. Armored cab can be installed on another platform, which reduces life cycle cost of armored vehicles and expands the range of its application. Vhartman added that through the use of a serial commercial chassis Dodge, MDT provides broad support for the machine and cost-effective service.

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