четвъртък, 3 март 2011 г.

Islamic leader Doku Umarov declared jihad in Russia

Islamic rebel leader Doku Umarov took responsibility for many bloody attacks in Moscow, declared jihad in Russia. The call for holy war was made through a video posted on an Islamist website Caucasian Hunafa.com.
"Water is total war, fight the enemy wherever you can!" - Umarov said in the ten-minute clip.
Militant leader invites women to join the fight. Traditionally, he turned to the Muslims in the Caucasus, but to those already in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan - two Russian republics with large Muslim population share.
AFP reminds messages Islamist militants killed and found with weapons warehouses in Tatarstan in November. Bashkortostanskiyat print last month announced the arrest of suspected Islamist activists formations, in which explosives were found.
Doku Umarov took over responsibility for the attacks on the Moscow subway in March last year (40 dead), then for the bombing of the airport Domodedovo in Moscow in January that killed 37 people. Fought for an independent Chechnya against federal forces in 2007 he turn our back to the cause of the separatists and proclaimed himself head of a "Caucasus Emirate" recalled Tuesday.

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