четвъртък, 3 март 2011 г.

South Korea will receive the first B737 AEW & C Peace Eye in July

U.S. concern Boeing will deliver the first of four aircraft for DRLOU (Far radar detection and management) B737 AEW & C Peace Eye in July this year. At the moment the aircraft passes intensive testing, and in May will be tested and the Korean Air Force, before that will be equipped by the Korean company KAI. 'Flying Radar' was created based on passenger aircraft B737-700. Formation of its own intelligence unit is an important stage in the transmission of military control of the U.S. Armed Forces (FTS) of South Korea, which should be completed in 2015 BC the country now receive intelligence from U.S. aircraft AWACS, based on the Japanese island Okinawa. Air Force South Korea plan to create own rauznavatelno aviokrilo in which to enter the U.S. B737 AEW & C, UAVs, RF-4C and Hawker 800.

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