четвъртък, 3 март 2011 г.

The second T-50 made first flight

The second prototype of the T-50 (fifth-generation fighter) made its first flight on Thursday - March 3 at 2 and 48 hours. It told RIA Novosti source from a company Sukhoi participated in the event. The flight was at the airport of aviation production association "Komsomolsk-on-Amur.  

"The plane took off, the flight lasted about an hour. He was again flown by test pilot Sergei Bogdan honor. The flight was successful. Everything is on schedule" - said the spokesman. On 23 Feb. announced that the second prototype performed first flight. Later aviostroitelna United Corporation (OAK) is disproved message pops up the first flight of the second prototype of the T-50. Parallel continue flight testing the first prototype T-50, which is already completed 40 flights. It is expected that testing of samalote to complete in 2011-2012 and in 2013 the Ministry of Defense of Russia will contract with the company Sukhoi to supply ten fighters for weapons testing. By the end of 2013 must complete the first stage of tests of T-50, a supply of serial aircraft will begin in 2015, and funding is within the state armaments program for 2011-2020 In addition to 10 aircraft by test series of 2016 is planned to purchase another 60 aircraft PAK FA. No information how many fighters would be bought in the longer term. The technical characteristics of promising fighter are secure. Colonel General Alexander Zelin, commander of the Russian Air Force said earlier that the supply of fifth generation aircraft will begin in 2015

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