събота, 5 март 2011 г.

Thailand will announce a tender for tanks

Command, the Thai government to prepare a request to allocate 770 billion baht for the purchase of new as well as repair and upgrading operating items weapons modernization program under the sun, whose value is estimated at 1 trillion baht. Under the Army modernization plan: Idea 2020, 497 billion baht needed to purchase new tanks to replace 200 old American M-41 and 100 sniper rifles for special operations forces and 33 300 body armor. The remaining 273 billion baht required to implement less important projects, including repair of 100 of 153, which are armed with light tanks of British "Scorpio", the restoration and maintenance of 263 different types of helicopters, aircraft maintenance in 1963, including the purchase of spare parts. Requirements to provide the delivery vehicle MBT maximum combat weight of 40-56 tons of speed - no less than 55 km / h Cruising fuel 500 km. Minimum caliber gun - 120 mm. The tank must be equipped with fire control computer system and stabilizer. A mandatory requirement is the maintenance of MBT in the armed forces producing countries. Among other projects - the gradual replacement of body armor rate of 8 thousand units. per year while the total demand of about 40 thousand units. Body armor should have an average life of 5 years. As justification for additional funds for procurement of arms called Command of the Thai worsening situation in the border areas with Cambodia and updating armored neighboring countries.

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