четвъртък, 3 март 2011 г.

Russian army rearms for $ 650 billion

Eight nuclear submarines, 600 aircraft and 1000 helicopters will be upgraded in the Russian army as planned for 2020, which will cost the country 650 billion dollars, reported the BBC. Besides the development of new weapons, provides and purchases of 100 warships. Two of the vessels will be helikopteronosachi in addition to the two already purchased two ships from France Mistral. Submarines will be equipped with new strategic ballistic missile "Bulava", although tests with them systematically failed. Experts say the ambitious program will make sense only if it improved the training program and a range of personnel in the Russian army. Is underway painful restructuring of the army, resulting in 200,000 Russian officers will lose their jobs, 9 of every 10 army units will be disbanding, announced in April If the change is successful, this will help Russia to rely less on the legacy of Soviet-era nuclear arsenal. "Our main task is to modernize its armed forces," said First Deputy Defence Minister Vladimir Popovkin. Most of the funds will go towards the restoration of the Russian fleet. Besides submarines will be purchased 15 frigates and 35 corvettes. Both helikopteronosacha Mistral allow Russian forces to quickly send hundreds of troops and equipment on foreign soil. Basic unit of the new army will be ten divisions, armed with new anti-missile system S-500. Air Force will be included Su-34 and Su-35 transport aircraft and also Mi-26 and Mi-8 helicopters.

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