събота, 5 март 2011 г.

Russian aviation KB together in one place

In Russia will create a National Center aircraft. According to an UNIAN correspondent in Russia, reported Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, speaking at a plenary meeting of the Interregional Conference of regional branches of the party "United Russia". "We are creating a National Center aircraft. It will be located in Zhukovsky near Moscow. This is a good place that historically for the implementation of such plans. It will include Flight Research Institute named after Gromov, pilot plant and BC dry Illyushyna, Yakovlev, Tupolev and MIG. The Centre, we intend to form a powerful, high-tech research and manufacturing cluster - in fact, will create an innovative area of aviation industry of our country ", - said Putin. He recalled that during the government crisis in 2009-2010, to support the aviation industry has written about 200 billion rubles. (6,7 billion dollars).. Putin said that as a result failed to implement all the projects, which is connected future of aviation - both civilian and military. In particular, a certified passenger liner Dry Superdzhet-100. Putin added that the package of "hard" orders for the aircraft already is 150 units. This year Rybins'kyi "Saturn" to produce 30 engines for "Superdzheta" and next year - already 70. "In the Voronezh aircraft plant expands production of Russian-Ukrainian An-148 passenger modifications and special - for the needs of Russian Ministry for Emergencies. These will be unique flying hospital for emergency medical care "- reminded Putin. According to him, promising continued work on high-speed helicopters Mi-38 and Ka-62, also continue testing the Russian fighter of the fifth generation.

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