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The Rebels in Libya already have fighter jets

Eyewitnesses reported that they heard explosions and automatic fire about 10 km east of Ras Lanuf. The main road in the area is blocked by parts, supporting the regime of Gaddafi. Government forces leave the vicinity of the port city of Ras Lanuf where for the first time since the crisis in Libya, Gaddafi's opponents have started aggressive operation, ITAR-TASS. Military parts, passed the independent national board aircraft used by air base in Benghazi.
"Under fire, military formations of the opposition forces loyal to Gaddafi, now were forced to leave their positions around the oil terminals in Ras Lanuf, told a correspondent for British television. Opposition forces were commanded by former Interior Minister Younis Abdel al Abidal, who directs formation of battleworthy parts of volunteers passed the country's opposition.
The forces of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi today attacked with tear gas and guns several hundred demonstrators in the neighborhood Tadzhura the Libyan capital. Protesters demanded the resignation of Gaddafi, news agencies reported. According to the April security forces fired at least five tear grenades protesters - about 1500 people. People dispersed briefly, but then again gathered to continue the protest, said the agency's reporter on the scene. Reuters quoted a participant in the protest, saying that echoed and shots from a firearm.
The protest started after Friday prayers where the congregation out of the mosque, "Murad Agha" in the center of the neighborhood Tadzhura. According to eyewitnesses, people chanted "Gaddafi is the enemy of God!" and people want overthrow of the regime ". Last week at an event in Tripoli, supporters of the regime opened fire on demonstrators.
Libyan rebels will attack Tripoli, where world powers imposed no-fly zone over Libya. This was stated today to Al Jazeera Abdullah al-Mahdi, who according to television is a spokesman for the military council of the rebels, Reuters reported. According to him, the rebels have discouraged attempts to Gaddafi forces captured the airport in the city coast, eastern Libya. Fighting there in Zauiya, 50 km west of Tripoli, he added. Mahdi said that rebel forces had captured fifty mercenaries who fought for Gaddafi and that their next goal is Tripoli, but after the imposition of an area closed to flights. Yesterday, London and Paris gave a sign that the escalation of violence in Libya may require the introduction of such a zone. But the Pentagon chief Robert Gates warned that this would require disposal operation of the air defense of Libya, recalled Monday.
ITAR-TASS reported today that the City of Tobruk in northeastern Libya is entirely under the control of insurgents. In cities everywhere are waving red-black-green Libyan flags from the time of the monarchy, the situation is calm, the shops are operating normally and no crashes, told Ukrainian doctors quoted by Russian news agencies.
Members of the Tuareg community in Mali reported that many men of the tribe have left Mali in the last week to join in defending the regime of Muammar Gaddafi's forces in Libya, reports the BBC. "Around 200-300 people left during the last seven days," said the official from the region Kida in Mali where many Tuareg live. According to the data of another man in the region convoy of 40 cars waiting at the border between Libya and Algeria to go to Libya. According to unofficial information, men receive 10 thousand dollars on joining the mercenaries, and even 1000 dollars for each day of participation in fighting the forces of opposition.

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