събота, 5 март 2011 г.

NATO established a system to rescue damaged submarine

France, Britain and Norway have created a system to rescue fallen into emergency submarines. The new system NSRS (NATO Submarine Rescue System) became operational on March 4, 2011. Cost of the three countries amounted to 70 million Euros. The system consists of remote controlled autonomous underwater camera and a small unmanned submarine. The first is used to detect people in an emergency submarine and rub apparatus is intended for the breakdown towing submarine and landing her in the system and equipment to enter decompression. NSRS is designed to provide support for 72 hours of receiving notice of the accident and to operate at depths up to 600 meters. NSRS system is based on the naval base Fasleyn the UK and serves 72 people. In creating the French company involved DGA, DE & S UK and Norwegian NDLO.

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