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For the first time an astronaut flew on two successive missions

For the first time an astronaut flew the second mission in space consistent with the space shuttle Discovery, which launched successfully in the 16:53 pm local time (23:53 am GMT) on Friday. The 6-member crew had to replace Steve Bowen Tim Copra, who was injured, cycling, NASA explained. Bowen flew in the previous shuttle flight - in May 2010
Urgent replacement was performed on January 19, allowing the launch of Discovery finally take place after a string of postponements of the launch in October 2010 so far due to technical problems.
This is the last 39 and a flight of Discovery before it is harvested on a permanent basis in the hangar. For the first time somalkata fly into space in 1984 During this year the last flight and the other two shuttles of the United States. Endeavour will fly in April, and "Atlantis" - in June. This completes the 30-year program "Space shuttle" for American ships to be used repeatedly.
Commander of the "Discovery" is veteran astronaut Steve Lindsey, who has for four space flights, including two of the same shuttle. Two crew members have one flight and three, including Bowen said - two.
The shuttle will dock with the ISS. There, astronauts will perform a series of works on different elements, including through several trips into space. With Discovery to the station and fly Robot Robonavt 2 or R 2. He is a humanoid machine, created by NASA and General Motors.
R 2 can carry out simple movements, simple technical activities with mechanical hands. It is envisaged that the robot can be tested in different modes. According to experts, it can be useful for repair station in space.
NASA explained that it provides for the return of R 2 on Earth. This means that when the ISS crew will, it will be the only occupant of the station. R 2 is the first "dexterous" robots in space and the first robot in the ISS.

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