петък, 4 март 2011 г.

Nikolaev's Armoured personnel carriers participate in the tender Saudi Arabia

APCs Nicholaev mechanical-repair plant involved in the tender organized by the Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia.
The first stage of the competition mat. Operation tests, etc. combat conditions. Made at the Nikolaev's plant personnel carriers have successfully passed this test. The second stage of the tender (which continues) was made in Ukrainian, Canadian and Turkish technique.
Winning the relevant government tenders, the plant received the right to ensure that Ukrainian military force six vehicle BRDM and thirteen BTR.Derzhzakupivli parts for armored personnel carriers, etc. Nicholas Plant performs Thailand, and Ecuador will acquire a Ukrainian company was founded on the basis of BTR medical machine.
BTR-70Di "Defender" - Fighting, wheeled, amphibious, armored vehicle with all-wheel drive, equipped with two powerful diesel engines FPT "Iveco" Tector (Euro 3). Has high dynamic qualities, high throughput and smoothness, is able to follow the tanks, the move to overcome the trenches, trenches and water obstacles.

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