четвъртък, 3 март 2011 г.

Royal Air Force of Great Britain have only eight pilots who can operate with Typhoon on earth targets

RAF drastically reducing annual nalyot pilots of the latest fighter Typhoon, as part of the pilots do not even fly. In the 'crushing' report of an independent committee of squandering of funds and incompetence in the Ministry of Defence said that lack of funds for the purchase of spare parts forced the Air Force to reduce the required hours for Teaching the new pilots, which came very late in-service fighter Typhoon. This leads to "increased flight risk" and consequently when the Royal Air Force have only eight pilots who can operate with a Typhoon ground targets. The report highlights the increased price by 70% of the aircraft due to the decision to buy fewer aircraft than originally planned. Versatile version of the Typhoon, which will eventually be banned to fly to Libyan military aircraft in the airspace of Lebanon, will be fully upgraded in 2018, and going out of service in 2030. Meanwhile, 53 fighters from the oldest modification of the Typhoon, worth 4.5 billion pounds and entered the weapons three years ago, will be taken out of service because there are no funds for their maintenance.

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